Stantroll tilbyr norsk teknologi og produkter for grunnundersøkelser, sprengning og sikring.


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Implementation of rock stress measurements and assistance and advice for drilling, blasting and rock protection in above and underground projects.

STANTROLL performs rock stress measurements with equipment developed by Injeksjonsteknikk in cooperation with NTNU in Norway. The stess measurement test is performed by hydro fractoring using a water pressure unit with a capacity of 200 bars / 2,04 kg/mm2 and a logging unit that continuously log the presurre in 5 cycles per second to determin the opening and closing of pressure. The development can be seen as a graph at the units display. Collected data is sent to the laboratory for interpretation. The report is verified and approved by a Geologist with special expertise in hydraulic jacking of rock mass with this method. The report will estimate the actual pressure when hyrdrofractoring or jacking will occure. Knowledge of the rock's capacity to withstand hydraulic splitting is important for hydropower designers when the length of the head race steel lining shall be decided. As well for location of concrete plugs in the water way. Knowledge on level of pressure the rock mass will split also important when determining the maximum grouting pressure for pre and post grouting in tunnels. The equipment requires little mobilization and can be brought as luggage on planes.

STANTROLL provides services related to all types of blasting work. Blasting of construction pits, blasting in tunnels and shafts or in rock chambers. Advice on optimal selection of drilling equipment and drill steel and as an instructor during drilling and blasting work. Stantroll can provide assistance with advice in the preparation of blasting plans. Stantroll is certified as a Rock Blasting Manager and Rock Blaster according to the common European Standard (Directive 2005/36 / EC). Certified for the use of electronic igniters. Certified shotfirer approved for charging and blasting in Hong Kong from 2012.

STANTROLL provides advice and “hands on” assistance for application of rock support. This includes the choice of bolt types, drilling for bolts and anchoring with cement-based or chemical products such as polyester, polyurethane, etc. Testing of anchoring capacity with reporting of the results are included in the services. Advice and instruction in carrying out pre-injection in tunnels with the preparation of Pre-Excavation Method Statements and advice during implementation. Transfer of experience with the use of permanent support utilizing sprayed concrete in line with the Q-method (NGI) Advice when establishing application procedures and quality control for shotcrete work according to ES-NS 14487-7: 2006. Information about the “Norwegian method” can be found in the international publications from NFF (Norwegian Tunneling Society) on the page REFERENCES.

Stantroll can offer consulting assistance for all types of work when it comes to rock stress measurements, drilling, blasting and rock support.