Stantroll tilbyr norsk teknologi og produkter for grunnundersøkelser, sprengning og sikring.


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Rock Stress Measurements • Drill Tools • Rock Support

The Norwegian landscape and topography create both challenges and opportunities that made knowledge of tunnel construction a prerequisite for the development of energy sources and the construction of modern infrastructure.
- 1,800 roads and railway tunnels.
- 200 underground power stations.
- 5,000 km of hydropower tunnels including access tunnels.
- 300 rock caverns for treatment and storage of water, sewage, oil, gas etc.
- Various defense facilities incorporating underground caverns and tunnels.

Stantroll’s products and services are based on the Norwegian method of tunnell design, excavation  and rock support.

Rock mass investigation and advisory
  • Rock stress measurements performed with compact and mobile equipment that are quick to mobilize and have a high measuring capacity.
  • The method provides information about the rock mass’ capacity to withstand water pressure.
  • The measuring equipment and method have been developed by the specialist contractor Injection Technology in collaboration with NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Consulting services and “hands on” execution of blasting work and rock support
Rock Drilling Tools
  • Drill steel from a Norwegian manufacturer with 70 years of experience. Well-known brands such as Boart Longyear and Fagerstad Secoroc come from this manufacturer.
  • Specialist in customized dimensions for full-length drill rods. In-house developed technology for production of and hardening of drill bits.
  • Modern production facilities for processing, hardening. Special adaptation of dimensions on demand.
  • Drill steel developed for high performance in hard Norwegian rocks.
Rock Support Materials
  • Full range of rock support material for open pits, mines, tunnels and rock chambers.
  • Rock support equipment developed for permanent support of Norwegian infrastructure tunnels with optional corrosion protection that meets the requirements of 100 years of service life.
  • Full range og anchors and threaded bolts for concrete and steel structures.
  • Leading Norwegian company with production and distribution in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.

Stantroll has more than 20 years of experience with rock blasting and support in tunnels and rock caverns. References from projects in Norway, Asia and South America.

Skanska - Marti - LNS - Multiconsult - Leighton

Stantroll has more then 10 years of experience as licenced contractor with medium size tunnelling projects and above ground blasting for infrastructure and buildings on the refernce list.

Transport tunnel to a kport in Kragero - Ski tunnel in Haukeli Mountens - 22 July Memorial project at Utoya.