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Rock drilling

Monark was established in 1956 in Oslo, Norway. BOART Longyear bought the company in 1971 and production of rod drills was established in Norway. For the Swedish part, production of drill steel began in Ockelbo in 1945. Brand names such as REBIT and SECOROC were produced at the plant in Ockelbo. The company in Ockelbo was incorporated into Epiroc in 2018.

In 2019, Monark bought the entire production plant for full-bar drills from Epiroc Ockelbo Ab. Monark is today a 100% family-owned company with headquarters in Hvittingfoss. Monark have production facilities at Hvittingfoss, Norway and in Ockelbo, Sweden.

In 2021, Monark invested in two new hardening ovens with a capacity of up to 20 feet of rod length at the factory in Norway.

Annual production is 500,000 drill rods and 100,000 drill bits. The drill steel is supplied in the global market. Clients in Korea, Africa and the United Arab Emirates are major customers.

Monark AS is one of the world-leading producers of percussive Drill Steel, like integral drill steel, tapered rods, plug hole rods, threaded rods, button bits, and furnace tapping equipment. They provide drilling solutions to mining, quarrying, and construction all over the world, and keep a large stock of standard products.

  • Drill rods in all lengths and standard thread dimensions R32, R38, T38 etc.
  • Drill bits in all variants. Cross inserts, conical bits, pin bits with ballistic or round pins,
  • Full-bar drill with fixed insert and cross insert.
  • Drifter adapters for all standard operators.


Rock support
by rock bolts:

Pretec was established in Sarpsborg, Norway in 1985. The first products were threaded bars for concrete and pre-fab. industry. In 2004, the product range was expanded with a full range of rock bolts for the tunnel and rock safety segment. Pretec is a large European supplier of anchor bolts for concrete structures. Rock safety products from Pretec are the market leader in Norway. These products are approved for use in Norwegian infrastructure tunnels with standard requirements for 100 years lifetime.

Pretec has wholly owned sister companies with sales and production in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, China, Belgium and India.

  • Rock bolts in all standard dimensions; M16, M20, M22, M24, M32 etc.
  • The bolts are delivered with Pc-Coat™ corrotion protection.
  • This is a surface coating that provides optimum corrosion protection for steel using three different processes in the following order:
    • Hot-dip galvanizing
    • Zinc-manganese phosphating
    • Powder coating in one or two layers
    The result is the most cost efficient corrosion protection that provide 100 year service life to critical steel parts as rock bolts.
  • PC-Bolt, is a Pretec invented combi-bolt for extra work safety by end expander  and grouting for permanent support in The same installasjon.
  • Bolts for anchoring with polyester cartridges.
  • Rock support material like rockfall mesh, steel bands, bolt plates, spherical balls, nuts, etc.
  • Self-drilling bolts with transition adapters, grout adapters and disposable drill bits.
  • Anchor bolts and threaded bars for concrete and steel structures.

Norwegian rock support material developed for cost-effective rock support using the Q method by NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute).