Stantroll tilbyr norsk teknologi og produkter for grunnundersøkelser, sprengning og sikring.


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About us

Stantroll has 30 years of experience from tunneling in Norway, Asia and South America.

The company is established in Asia with headquarters in the Philippines. Stantroll has the largest Norwegian manufacturers of drill tools and rock bolts as its partners.

Stantroll mainly delivers to customers in Southeast Asia with Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia as main markets. For major infrastructure projects, services are provided to the global market.

The customers are public and private clients, mining companies, consultants and tunnel contractors.

The Norwegian method includes rock mass classification according to the Q method. Blasting full cross sections with 20 foot blast cycles, electronic ignitors and SSE explosives. The method utilize pre-excavation grouting, arches, bolts and shotcrete as permanent support.

The technology and products are “state of the art” and based on experience from complicated Norwegian underground projects. Norway is the country in Europe with the highest number of infrastructure tunnels and power housed located under ground.

Projects reference includes the Gjøvik Olympic Rock Cavern for Ice Hockey, the world’s longest road tunnel at 24.5 km and subsea road tunnels down to a depth of 300 m.


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